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A selection of articles and excerpts of the lately writing by Fatema Mernissi

Love in Digital Islam: Why Ibn Hazm is a Success on the Internet
New conclusion to the book L'amour dans les pays musulmans, April 2008

Why was China an enchanted land in my childhood?
An Introduction for today's Chinese reader to the lost world of a childhood in a Moroccan harem
New introduction to the Chinese Edition of Dreams of Trespass, November 2007

Weaving Peace into Globalization
The Casablanca Dream
Why are human beings - who have dreamed since the dawn of civilization of flying and of developing wings to move faster and cross familiar boundaries to discover the unfamiliar - now afraid of globalization? To fly away, to escape from danger is one of the most archaic and obsessive dreams we have inherited from our ancestors, although they limited their fantasies to magic carpets and 'wild birds as symbols of release or liberation', while we don't hesitate to include "jet planes and space rockets, for they are the physical embodiment of the same transcendent principle, freeing us at least temporarily from gravity."
Paper for the Casablanca Group Meeting "Women Weave Peace into Globalisation", Rabat, January 2007

Digital Scheherazade
The Rise of Women as Key Players in the Arab Gulf Communication Strategies
It is the kind of mind-blowing civilizational shift happening in the Arab world where men are finally embarking on becoming skilled digital nomads instead of crying about the frontiers' collapse and dreaming of harems for their wives - that I tried to share with the Spanish journalists obsessed by the veil and terrorism during my Madrid encounter in May 2005. At one point, I tried to illustrate this change by sharing with them the extraordinary emergence of women I saw in the Arab Gulf during a visit to Bahrain in March 2005. ... more
Short excerpts from a longer manuscript, Rabat, September 2005

Is the Satellite Reawakening Sindbad?
"Adab" or Allying with the Stranger as the Strategy to Win the Globalized Planet
... more
(Summary of Fatema Mernissi's Erasmus Prize speech, 4 November 2004)

The Satellite, The Prince and Sheherazade
The rise of women as communicators in digital Islam
The new communication wars in the Arab world is giving women a golden opportunity to enter the power game in the Middle East. And of course the Sheherazade profile, the brainy, self-confident storyteller is in big demand. ... more

Complete article:
Transnational Broadcasting Studies, TBS 12, Spring-Summer 2004

In German Language: "Eins zu null für Scheherazade" (Ausgabe vom 10.9.2004)
Le Monde diplomatique

The Cowboy or Sindbad - Who Will be the Globalization Winner?
Why are we afraid of Strangers? - In the "1001 Nights" tale of Sindbad, meeting strangers was described as an enchanting experience worth the risks of navigating to faraway Indian and Chinese ports. Sindbad's positive vision of strangers led me to go deeper in researching 9th century Baghdad. ...more
(Excerpts from an article, based on the speech which Fatema Mernissi gave on the occasion of the ceremony ot the Prince of Asturias Award for Letters, October 2003)

Cyber-Islam Time Zone
Part I: How to Seduce Arab Minds
Part II: Al-Jazeera's Secret
(Excerpts from the manuscripts for the Swiss magazine Weltwoche, Summer 2002.)
In German: Artikel für die schweizerische Zeitschrift Weltwoche

"I wish I could advise Mr. Colin Powell"
Like most Arabs I see daily in Agdal, my Rabat university neighborhood, I was terrified by the September 11th attack. "But why are we so terrified?" I kept asking ... more
(Excerpt from the new introduction to the book Islam and Democracy, January 2002.)

Is the Internet Setting Free the Simorgh?
Is the Internet going to grant the millions of citizens of Moslem world, excluded up until now from decision-making, access to one of the most strategic sources of power: image-making? ... more
(Excerpt from the contribution to the book "Was kommt. Was geht. Was bleibt." Herder Verlag 2001.)