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Thematic Overview
of books by Fatema Mernissi


Male Harem Fantasies The Harem as a Self-Defense Barrier: Time and Space as Sexual Domination Devices
Love as a Chaotic Loss of Borders: Emotions as Dangerous Terrain
  • L'amour dans les pays musulmans (1984 //Re-edition 2007 with new introduction)
    French original, published as a 100-page special issue of the monthly magazine "Jeune Afrique Plus" (Issue N° 4, January 1984 - out of print. A paperback edition for Morocco was published by Editions Maghrébines, Casablanca, 1986 - out of print.
    New Spanish and Italian editions (2008)
  • Al Hubb fi hadaratina al-Islamiya (1983)
    Arabic original ("Love in our Muslim Civilisation"), published in Lebanon (Ad-Dar Al Alamiya, Beirut, 1983 - out of print)

Research Reports

  • The Moroccan Sindbads
    Les Sindbads marocains : Voayage dans le Maroc civique (2004)
    French original, translated into 3 languages

  • Are you inoculated against the Harem?
    Etes-vous vacciné contre le harem? Texte-test pour les messieurs qui adorent les dames (1998)
    French original, Arabic translation

  • Les Ait Débrouille: ONG du Haut Atlas (1997)
    French Original

  • Nissa' al-Gharb (1985)
    A fieldwork report I carried out as an ILO consultant in the early 1980s, originally written in French "Femmes du Gharb". Arabic translation by Fatema Zriouil (Editions SMER, Rabat, 1985 - out of print).

  • Doing daily Battle : Interviews With Moroccan Women (1983)
    French original (1983), translated into 6 languages

  • As-Suluk Al-Jinsiy Fi Mujtama'in Islamiyin Taba'iy (1982)
    This Arabic edition published in Lebanon by "Dar Al Hadatha" (P.O. Box 113/5335 Beirut) is the translation of a collection of articles I published in the Moroccan magazine "Lamalif".