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Les Aït-Débrouille

Editions Le Fennec
Casablanca 1997
At first, I was critized as a surrealistic optimist when I described Ali Amahane, a successful, city-based intellectual who went back to his native village to mobilize the population to equip itself with sewage systems, schools and to sell carpets on the Internet like a modern Sindbad. Yet, the book started a new tourism where people from Casablanca flock to the High Atlas to witness the civic miracles.

In November 2001, the Aga Khan Award for Architecture singled out Ait Iktel from among the 9 sites honored for their development achievements. Ali Amahane, who is the author of "Peuplement et vie quotidienne dans un village du Haut-Atlas" (Geuthner, Paris, 1983), was the director of Morocco's Museum department and is now the Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture.

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Un reportage sur des ONG rurale du Haut-Atlas, l'image d'un Maroc loin des circuits touristiques.

Dans une zone montagneuse du Haut-Atlas occidental, à 100 kilomètres au sud de Marrakech, une association locale s'efforce de prendre en charge les problèmes du village, l'eau notamment. Ce livre est aussi une analyse des relations entre les pouvoirs publics et les citoyens.

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Les Ait-Debrouille

Les Aït-Débrouille
Deuxième edition

Edition de poche, Marsam, Rabat 2003