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Synergie Civique for a Civil Society

"Synergie Civique" as a project lasted from 1997-2004. What remains? The majority of "Actors of Synergie Civique" are still active, mainly in their own initiatives. Fatema Mernissi is still conducting writing workshops, helping NGOs or groups to write and publish collective books: See the lastest books.

The civic synergy project was started in 1997, when I made a deal with the NGO leaders whom I selected for my study : I will facilitate writing workshops for their members to enhance their communication skills. In exchange, they will help me in my research ...

Synergie Civique and
Caravane Civique

While the objective of the Synergie Civique workshops is to initiate members of NGOs to write, that of the Caravane Civique is to initiate them in the art of dialogue and networking.

Actors of Synergie Civique
If you ask what the main common feature is to all the Synergie Civique actors as representatives of a new self-confident Arab citizen who believes in his capacity to transform the world by relying on communication, ...

6th Caravane civique   6th Caravane Civique (Dar Bellarj, Marrakech)

  Collage and photography: Ruth V. Ward