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How to contact me?

I would suggest that you distinguish between your interest in my work as an academic researcher on one hand and as an independent writer on the other.

As an independent writer: Address your queries to my American literary agent Edite Kroll, E-mail:

All questions and remarks concerning the website, please, write to

My own E-mail is:

How to plan future events

The world from my Rabat balcony (Collage: Ruth V. Ward)

One reason I do not answer last minute invitations is that most of the letters from those who contact me reveal that they have no idea about my current research focus : the impact of the satellite on the Arab world. The other reason is that I practice tadbir (long-term self-governance planning), a discipline I was taught in my Koranic school in Fez, developed by Ibn Baja, known in the West as Avempace (a 12th century Andalusian scholar who was born in the Spanish city of Saragossa and died in Fez in 533 of the Hijra/1138 A.D.). And tadbir implies that you never embark on last minute opportunistic adventures. Tadbir means that you stick to working with the few selected local and international partners who are focused on the same issues, read your publications and help you advance by providing criticism and logistic support.