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Why is globalization perceived as a threat to identity?
Why does our children's identity appear to be threatened by globalization and the vanishing of national frontiers? Is our identity nothing but a weaving of fictional frontiers? Why isn't the vanishing of the frontiers perceived as an enchanting opportunity to delve into our universal inner self? Why are the roaming migrants and strangers perceived as dangerous? Is it because we instinctively identify nomadism with dreams? And why are dreams frightening? Is it because they know no time and space limits and are linked to the darkness, to the night and the moon? Why are Western and Eastern psychoanalysts, artists and scholars alike suddenly fascinated by the Moslem tradition of dream interpretation (ta'bir ar Ru'ya), Sufism (mysticism) and "1001 Night" Scheherazade, the mythical story-teller who could speak only in the night? And why there is so much demand on the Internet for hand made goods such as High Atlas Amazigh (Berber) carpets? Is it because artisans weave their dreams in their creation? These are some of the puzzling identity questions which have emerged from my study of carpet weavers as magicians of dream and symbols magicians.
Thus the labyrinthine interests of my 2007 agenda.F. Mernissi

12 - 14 January, Casablanca

The meeting of an international working group "Women weave Peace into Globalization" and the 11th Caravane Civique meeting

January 27, Rabat

Oral Transmission
"Why are Psychoanalysts and Artists interested in Scheherazade?"
A talk by Dr. Farid Merini inaugurating the Cafe Dialogue 2007

February 14, Casablanca Book Fair

Oral Transmission
"The TV or your Grandmother?"
The Psychologist Assia Akesbi and the writer Noureddine Saoudi will come respectively with their aunt and mother to my reading from my aunt Aziza's popular tale "Who is more cunning: Men or Women?".
Casablanca Book Fair

I will chair the session "Ibn Battouta: Dream Travelers" to celebrate the Italian translation of the 14th century traveler by Ms. Claudia Tresso at the invitation of Ms Maria Battaglia, Institut Italien.

March 3, Rabat

"The Art of Translation: Traveling between two Cultures"
Prof. Zryouil Fatima-Zara who translated my book "Islam and Democracy in Arabic will share with us the secret of traveling between cultures.
Cafe Dialogue

March 10, Rabat

"Why do you link the moon with kayd?"
A talk by the "1001 night expert" Prof. A.Kilito.
I asked Prof. Kilito why in his book "The Absent" (Al Ghaib), a study on Samar (night talk) in Arab literature, he grants himself the right to insult the moon, a symbol of the feminine, by declaring it deceitful. He will defend his thesis.

April 30, Fes

Festival des Confréries Sufies (April 27 - May 2)

I will contribute a talk on "The Celebration of Women by the Sufi Ibn 'Arabi".

May 1, Fes

"The New Identities". A conference by the Sociétè Marocaine de Psychanalyse.
My talk will deal with the youth's difficulties weaving identities in a satellite-wired world.

May 12, Rabat

"Pacific Youth in Moslem History". Workshop by Prof. Driss Guerraoui.
My talk will be a comment on "Ibn Batouta's reception by Turkish youth in 13th century Anatolia".

May 26-27, Rabat

A quoi rêvent les jeunes?
Les artisans expriment leurs espoirs
Séminaire accompagné d’une exposition des créations des artisans
Istituto Italiano di Cultura de Rabat

July 13 - 15, Fes

Third Amahzigh Festival
on the topic of "Popular Culture and the Challenge of Globalization"

July, 23 - 25,Paris

UNESCO Conference: Media, Communication, Information: Celebrating 50 Years of Theories and Practices
I accepted to be one of the speakers. My Keynote title is "Can the Satellite actualize Sindbad's Dream ? Riding On a Planet of Enchanting Strangers!"

End of Summer 2007

"Phoenician Pottery Mystery"
How different are the techniques of a young potter today from those practiced by the Phoenicians in the 5th century A.D.?

September 4 - 15, Berlin

"The International Literature Festival Berlin"
Invitation for a talk